Sponsorship and Charity

Sponsorship and Charity

Charities through Ticket - to-the - moon.nl:

Mandorak Lestari Foundation

Location : Land Mandorak , Sumba , Indonesia
Archipelago : Lesser Sunda Islands
Coordinates : 9 ° 40 'S 120 ° 00 '

The Mandorak Lestari Foundation was created after three years of experience in the field: since 2006 . The project was started by Ticket To The Moon founder , Charly . In Mandorak County , in the western part of the remote island of Sumba , Indonesia .
Without access to water or electricity, Kodi tribe Mandorak must struggle for survival of subsistence agriculture and fishing .
Sensitive to this difficult situation , Charly and have some friends along with local partners Kodi helped people to improve their living conditions .
In three years , there are many concrete actions implemented - new roads were built to facilitate communication between the Kodis and the rest of Sumba trade . A well was dug in order to facilitate access to clean water , and a primary school opened for Indonesian children .
The Kodi tribe is subject plagues of malaria on a regular basis . They got this mosquito nets to combat the plague.
In addition to these improvements get Kodi's education in order to preserve their culture. , And their original country in West Sumba

There should be as well much happening ... But our support say we are 10 % of our revenue on this project in Indonesia .

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